About us

1974 –   Start in the southwestern Tehran

Vira Tejarat Arghavan Company has been operating in the field of distribution of paints and construction materials and industrial tools since 1974

2018 – Official registration of Vira Tejarat Arghavan Company

Assessing the needs of the domestic market and studying the up-to-date global trade’s solution, along with more than 4 decades of experience, led us to expand our activities in 1398 with a new approach that was also inspired and modeled after famous international counterparts in supply chain industry

2020 – Currently

In line with our mission of optimization and intelligent distribution in the paint and tool industry, along with the experiences of the previous generation, with the addition of the energetic, active and clever second generation, we focused our attention on innovative distribution methods in the business market

At Vira Tejarat Arghavan Company, we consider our customers as a valuable asset and constantly strive to meet their needs. Also, in different time periods and market price fluctuations, we provide them with various options in trying to lessen their  financial burden

Introduction of the company

Arghavan started its activity from a small paint and tools store in the southwest of Tehran province and after several decades of activity have gained hundreds of loyal customers which today reaches 1,500 calls per month.  We offer a wide range of building materials and tools and equipment necessary for Home improvement along with training and practical ideas in the form of text and video to professional contractors and homeowners

 :Therefore, we consider it necessary to set our goals as follows

Expansion of distribution network throughout Iran

Providing the highest quality products

Optimizing the production path of products reaching to clients

The most economical price for customers

Proper training of the latest implementation methods to optimize consumption